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Our clients and partners

We are pleased to work with both plaintiff / defense attorneys as well as workers' compensation insurance carriers, including:

Abby Family Law
Thomas Anderson
Randall Baker
Beasley Allen Law Firm
Michael Bloom
Bruce Bottini
Paul Bovarnik
Jeffrey Bowersox
Brothers Hawn & Coughlin Law Firm
Mark Choate (Alaska)
Michael Colbach
Andrew Cole
Forrest Collins
Corson - Johnson Law Firm
Benjamin Cox
Beth Creighton
Nicole Deering
Keith Dozier
Dwyer Williams




John Elliott
Empire Pacific

Anne Foster
James Francesconi
Shelley Fuller
Sara Gabin
Francis Gieringer
Phil Gilbert
Jaime Goldberg
Doug Hagen
Peter Hansen
Stephen Hendricks
Ireland & Ireland Law Firm
James Jennings
Johnson, Johnson, Larson & Schaller
Kafoury & McDougal
Laura Kalur
Matt Kaplan
Michael Kennedy
Kirklin Thompson & Pope Law Firm
Rob Kline
Karen Koehler
Liberty NW
James (Jack) Lundeen


Clay McCaslin
Eric McCormick
Miller & Wager
Morrison Law Firm
James Nelson
Marvin Nepom
Robert Neuberger
Cecilia Nguyen
Craig Nichols
Michael Pacheco
Pickett - Dummigan Law Firm
Nicole Robbins
Matthew Roy
Shelley Russell
Mark Sabitt
St. Andrews Legal Clinic
William Savage
Rex Smith
David Sugarman
Trey Tennyson
Thanh Tran
Richard Vangelisti
Brian Whitehead
Williams Love Daly O'Leary Law Firm
Zbinden & Curtis



I have worked with Michele several times and have always been impressed by her integrity and her compassion for the injured people we work for.
— William Robison, member at Caron Colven Robison Shafton PS

Michele has been invaluable in many ways, helping me to resolve major personal injury claims. I would not hesitate to work with her again, when the need arises.
— Sam Hochberg, personal injury attorney

I have hired Michele as an expert in spousal support cases. She does her research and gives an expert opinion that helps me build my case. She is wonderful to work with.
— Sonya Fischer, Fischer Family Law PC